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What does BeLegally do?

Legal content for your needs

BeLegally is an international legal platform for creatives, entrepreneurs and businesses. We want to build an inspiring, supporting community around these legal matters.

We provide legal information, education and resources. We sell high quality agreement and document templates mainly in relation to general commercial, corporate and contract law, intellectual property, marketing, eCommerce and data protection. We are also developing online courses on different topics related to business law.

BeLegally offers a different perspective – here law is not boring, mandatory or displeasing. Here we take the attitude that law and legal strategies can be an important asset in our business and we are happy to learn more. We believe that by aiming to be legal and compliant we can provide much more value in the long run.


What kind of templates do you sell?

From basics to special agreements

BeLegally sells many types of legal agreement, contract and document templates. For example, client contracts, such as consulting and couching agreements, photographer agreements, virtual assistant agreement, independent contractor agreement and website designer agreement.

From intellectual property related agreements, we provide templates for copyright, patent and trademark assignment and licensing. In relation to advertising and marketing, we offer affiliate and influencer marketing agreements, brand ambassador contracts and sponsorship agreements.

In addition, we have software and mobile app end user license agreements, privacy polices, terms of use, terms and conditions of purchase or service, and much more.

Words from Our Customers

Tessa Marie Hull

As a coach working with clients online in various countries it's hard to always make sure the agreement covers what you need, without creating a new agreement every time. What's great about this template is that I can adapt what I need to adapt specific for my needs, which saves me time and money in the long run trying to create new agreements every time I get a new client! It's simple to use, and covered what I needed. Great stuff

Megan Galane

BeLegally made this process so easy! I have had a podcast since April 2019 and I hate to admit it, but I never used a podcast contract. Now that I am using a contract it has created a new level of professionalism and my guests take the time very serious! It even came with instructions on how to use it and edit it per your preference!! Thank you so much BeLegally!

Lisa Oglesbee

I knew I needed a Podcast Guest Agreement for my new podcast which would feature a different guest each episode. But I did not even know how much I needed until I saw Anne's! Even as someone who works in the legal industry, I would not have been able to create such a thorough document. The quality and content was more than I hoped! Such an amazing value! I highly recommend BeLegally.

Ashlee Binderim

Kingdom Finance | Business Money Mentor

I seriously cannot believe that I found BeLegally. I've been scouring the internet for a coaching agreement and it's perfect! Everything is really easy to understand and use. Anne makes it fool proof. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!

How can BeLegally be useful for me?

Have you been asked to licence or assign your copyright, design, patent or trademark? Or did you just launch an online shop, course or blog but don’t have proper Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy in use? Are you working in a field that you should provide disclaimers to protect yourself and your business? Were you asked to collaborate with a brand but don’t know how the which contract terms are important?

Have you organised an online giveaway but not sure how to write the rules? Do you disclose or receive confidential information that needs to be protected? Have you got your testimonial releases in order? How should you disclose your affiliate links and commercial collaborations? Are you dealing with international clients but don’t know what kind of contracts you should use?

These kind of questions are the ones BeLegally aims to provide an answer for through the different resources we offer for your use. We have the right agreements and documents for your international business matters, a blog filled with practical tips and a free legal resource library with educative and useful materials.

Recent Articles

We have in-depth articles in areas related to international and cross-border busines law.

5 Crucial Clauses in an Influencer Agreement

Every type of agreement has its own tricks and traps. The contract made between the advertiser/brand and influencer is a unique agreement. There are several issues you should pay attention to when you are signing one. One of the most obvious and top-priority provisions include the influencer's services in detail and compensation. In this article, we will not talk about...

5 Important Provisions in a Virtual Assistant Agreement

Virtual Assistant Agreement is a modern type of a contract, used between a virtual assistant and their client(s). Like every type of contract, it has it own tricks. Virtual Assistant Contract borrows many elements from independent contractor or consultant agreements, but also has unique provisions that define the relationship between the parties. Here we share 5 important clauses you should always...

Advantages and Risks of a Cease and Desist Letter

A cease and desist letter we mean in this context is a legal document used in situations where you think someone is infringing your intellectual property. It literally demands (or requests) the other party, the alleged infringer, to "cease", i.e. immediately stop, and "desist", no longer continue. The condition set in the letter is normally that if the alleged infringer...

Burden of proof of establishing a lack of conformity

The main obligation of the seller is to deliver goods which are in conformity with the contract. This means quality standard, and it is also applicable to services. You can read more about conformity here. Generally, the burden of proof about a lack of conformity falls on the consumer. The consumer must also establish that the lack of conformity existed at...

Coronavirus, Force Majeure Clauses and Other Contractual Issues

The coronavirus disease 2019 (“COVID-19”) has shaken up industries all over the world. Restrictions on travel and gatherings have either been imposed or are at least being considered as next steps by pretty much all governments. The most common question a lawyer today gets is "how does the coronavirus affect my contract?" The answer is, as typical to legal questions,...

Entire Agreement Clause

Many forms of agreements, particularly commercial contracts, tend to contain a variety of so-called “boilerplate” clauses. They are routinely used clauses with quite standard wording. One type of boilerplate clause that is often included in contracts is the “entire agreement” clause. It is actually a very important clause if something goes wrong and the parties get into a dispute. Entire agreement clauses...

European Union Level Trade Mark Legislation

The first Council Directive 89/104 / EEC on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to trade marks was adopted in December 1988. A new version of the Trade Marks Directive has since been adopted on 22 October 2008, Directive 2008/95/ EC of the European Parliament and of the Council to approximate the laws of the Member...

Functions of a Trademark

The scope of trademark right can be viewed in the light of the various functions of the mark. These are primarily constructs used in law and the functions of a trademark can be seen as a helpful tool in legal analysis. Functions can also be seen as justifying the existence of a trademark system and the protection of the trademark. It...

team image

The woman behind BeLegally

Finnish lawyer lady LL.M Anne Nyström is Co-Founder of BeLegally. She has carefully drafted the legal document templates sold on this webpage.

Anne has several years' experience from international business law, focusing on things like intellectual property, social media, e-commerce, and influencer and affiliate marketing. She has worked with brands, designers, artists, influencers and startups as well as with established companies in many types of challenging assignments.

In addition, Anne has experience of blogging nearly 18 years which explains her understanding of online world and business beyond the purely legal side. Her insight into the challenges faced by digital businesses and creative and technology-driven industries is extensive.

During the days, Anne works as Legal Counsel at Vedinor Law Offices. She practices mainly in the areas of Intellectual Property, Marketing, Social Media and E-Commerce but also advises on general contract and corporate law matters. She loves her job, she says that every single day she is impressed by the talented, fierce clients she has the pleasure to work with and help to succeed and reach the fullest potential in their business.