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BeLegally Ltd is a company established in pretty Helsinki, Finland. We wanted to create an international online community for creatives, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, influencers and bloggers.

Understanding of Modern Business

We have a strong focus on areas of law related to modern digital business models. You will find information about especially European Union level intellectual property, marketing, consumer protection, eCommerce and data protection laws.

Our founders have a profound understanding of challenges related to technology-driven and creative businesses. We wish to produce information and education that is both creative and pragmatic.

In addition to the free articles and resources, we sell well-drafted legal document templates for international and cross-border situations. Legal templates are an affordable tool to get your business protected and compliant. Our co-founder, lawyer Jemima Nyström has carefully drafted all templates. They come with written  instructions so you can finalise them easily for your situation and needs.

Co-Founder's View

Co-Founder, LL.M Anne Nyström is a Finnish lawyer lady who practices law in the areas of international e-commerce, intellectual property, marketing and social media. She shares her ambitions behind BeLegally now:

The idea of BeLegally was with me a long time. I wanted to create a place where law can be not just plain and boring legalise but inspiring, elegant and empowering. I think that many creatives and entrepreneurs unfortunately turn their back to the possibilities and power of adopting adequate legal strategies in their business. The big companies and corporations have the resources for that, but the smaller ones often don't seem to manage in their strategy - or they don't even have one.
I ended up specialising in the fields of law that are essential to most creatives, entrepreneurs and startups: international e-commerce, intellectual property, marketing, social media and data protection. I have been privileged to work with very challenging assignments and developed a unique set of legal skills, with a significant substantial knowledge of the digital and creative industries.

From more personal reasons behind BeLegally, I had an urge to create something law-related that completely fits with my personal and professional main interests - and something where I can show my personality, the side that likes all things beautiful. I think BeLegally is a great impression of myself.

However, the most important reason is how I have seen many creatives, entrepreneurs and startups ending up in situations where their business or creations are not as protected and legit as they should be. I wanted to create a possibility to get high quality essential legal resources at an affordable price or for free. I want to help them to get the success they deserve, while adopting best legal practices to provide protection.

I have experience of blogging for over 18 years. My understanding of social media, digital business and the whole online world goes beyond the purely legal side. I'm happy that I've been able to combine my interests and legal career in such a good way – and BeLegally is a significant part of that.

I practice law at Vedinor Law Offices and advise and represent clients worldwide. I'm a well-liked speaker, trainer and writer on topics related to my areas of expertise. Feel free to contact me if you need legal assistance, guest speaker, training, articles, blog posts or want to interview me.

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What Jemima's Clients Have to Say

Satara Brown

Owner at Satara Brown LLC

Thank you for providing such excellent and prompt service in drafting my Coaching Contract. I appreciated having the opportunity to meet with you prior to you drafting my contract. The initial meeting that we had gave me the opportunity to provide you with the necessary information. You were very responsive to my emails and provided a quick turn around. Furthermore, I appreciate that you tailored and made adjustments to my contract based on the nature of my services and for the convenience of both myself and my clients. Thank you!

Michelle Marlahan

Owner, It's All Yoga

I had been stressed about updating the Terms & Conditions on my website since moving my business solely online. As luck would have it, I crossed paths with Anne and hired her to create the document. In less than a week, it was done — painless, professional and timely. I went from not knowing where to start and sifting through templates online to answering some simple questions and she personalized the rest. Now I feel protected and up-to-date! I’ve passed her info on to three friends already — I HIGHLY recommend working with Anne!

Alexandra Pluthero

Founder, CEO at Wear My Freedom

Anne was so brilliant to work with. Firstly, her communication was excellent, answering all of my questions and explaining everything thoroughly to me. She delivered everything as promised and completed the work within days. I’m so pleased and impressed with her high-quality work and would absolutely recommend her to anyone who needs her services. Thanks again, Anne!

Madeleine Aabo

CEO and owner of Aabo Commerce

I had recently created my first website and was in need of necessary legal documents such as Terms of Use, Privacy Policy and a Disclaimer. After I found out that you are helping ecommerce businesses with legal documents, I knew you were a perfect fit for me! Anne Nyström came across like a very professional and knowledgeable lawyer. Excellent result in regards to professional legal documents. If you are looking for a great lawyer to take care of your legal document Anne is the person.

Words from BeLegally's Customers

Tessa Marie Hull

As a coach working with clients online in various countries it's hard to always make sure the agreement covers what you need, without creating a new agreement every time. What's great about this template is that I can adapt what I need to adapt specific for my needs, which saves me time and money in the long run trying to create new agreements every time I get a new client! It's simple to use, and covered what I needed. Great stuff

Megan Galane

BeLegally made this process so easy! I have had a podcast since April 2019 and I hate to admit it, but I never used a podcast contract. Now that I am using a contract it has created a new level of professionalism and my guests take the time very serious! It even came with instructions on how to use it and edit it per your preference!! Thank you so much BeLegally!

Lisa Oglesbee

I knew I needed a Podcast Guest Agreement for my new podcast which would feature a different guest each episode. But I did not even know how much I needed until I saw Anne's! Even as someone who works in the legal industry, I would not have been able to create such a thorough document. The quality and content was more than I hoped! Such an amazing value! I highly recommend BeLegally.

Ashlee Binderim

Kingdom Finance | Business Money Mentor

I seriously cannot believe that I found BeLegally. I've been scouring the internet for a coaching agreement and it's perfect! Everything is really easy to understand and use. Anne makes it fool proof. I'll definitely be a repeat customer!

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