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Lawyer, Co-Founder Jemima Nyström hosts a FREE MASTERCLASS on coaching contracts and legal aspects of coaching on Sunday June 14, 3 PM EDT (New York) / 8 PM BST (London) / 10 PM EEST (Helsinki).

You will learn

  • why it’s important to have a written contract
  • common legal problems between coaches and clients
  • how to avoid disputes
  • how to protect your business from liability
  • central terms that you should agree about
  • general contractual terms explained.

At the end, you can ask questions and I will answer them.

Register here


Discover Your Trademark Assets™ Workshop is an active workshop online course that aims to discovering your own registrable trademark(s). On this course taught by trademark specialist lawyer Jemima Nyström, you will learn the basics of international trademark law, how to create and discover good, distinguished trademarks to your business, how to conduct a trademark search to make sure your mark is available for registration and how to finally register your mark by yourself.

There will be a lot of practical tasks that you will get feedback for. That feedback will help you to discover trademarks that are registrable and entitled to strong protection.

This course is suitable for everyone who thinks about applying for a trademark, wants to discover a trademark or is interested in creating intellectual property for their business. You can either have an idea for a trademark that you will work with or you can come up with one during the workshop.


Confidently GDPR Compliant™ is an online course that aims to understanding the fundamentals of the European Union General Data Protection Regulation, examining the rights of data subjects, learning the obligations of data controllers and processors and understanding the mechanisms of enforcement and compliance. On this course taught by lawyer Jemima Nyström you will learn the skills to adopting GDPR into your business and work.

The course has four major parts:

  1. Introduction to data protection and the GDPR
  2. The rights of data subjects
  3. The obligations of data controllers and processors
  4. GDPR enforcement and compliance

At the end of the course, you should be able to evaluate the compliance of different activities and easily understand the rights of the data subjects and obligations of data controllers and processors.

There will be practical tasks that you will get feedback for. That feedback will help you to develop your skills and understanding.

This course is suitable for everyone who process or controls data of European Union data subjects, or who wants to learn about the GDPR. A certificate will be provided upon satisfactory completion of the final test.