Copyright and Related Rights

The base of your company

Contracts and agreements form the base of your company. They define your relationship with clients, partners, and other stakeholders. They limit your responsibilities and protect you when things go wrong.

Always in writing

Although oral agreements are often as valid as written ones, their enforceability is not good. It's hard to proof what was actually agreed upon. Always have a written, signed agreement!

The core of a contract

In a good contract, there are no pointless provisions. However, there are always clauses that are more important in a specific agreement. Find out what is the core of the contract in question and make sure it's hard as a rock.


With our help, you can be sure your business is protected and compliant!

Documents that you need

Depending on your business, you need to define the scope and ownership of copyright or related rights in many kinds agreements. These include all kinds of client and collaborate agreements. A provision about copyright is essential in website terms of use.

If you sell digital products, you might need a licence agreement between the customer/user and you to protect your copyright.

Other documents that you should have

Depending on your situation, you might need copyright licensing and assignment agreements.

Copyright Licence Agreement

Copyright licence agreement grants a permit to use the copyrighted work.

Copyright Assignment Agreement

Copyright Assignment Agreement is for situations where you want to assign your copyright to someone.

Mobile Application End User Licence Agreement

Mobile Application EULA is the agreement between the app developer and end user.