Software, Mobile Applications and Computer Games: Digital Copyright Assets

In this post, we share the key subjects of digital copyright in the context of software, mobile applications and computer games. Basically, digital copyright protects certain digital works against copying. Usually the general requirements for protectability are same as of analogical works, i.e. the work needs to be original.

In software and game industry the amount of digital copyright subjects can be extensive. You should consider developing a specific policy for digital IP assets. Make sure you are able to protect and fully exploit your digital copyright.

The software and game industry has digital copyright assets especially in the following:

  1. Software
  2. Corporate website
  3. eCommerce website (including software downloading)
  4. Databases
  5. Content used in conjunction with, or comprised within, the software (music, video, photos, etc.)

Make sure to pay attention to the following issues:

a) if your product/service is to be made available to the end user in electronic form, you need a proper licence agreement to protect your copyright and/or database right

b) be careful when allowing access to technical databases and customer information

c) content licences: traditional and electronic use – sometimes your content (music, video etc) licence doesn’t cover electronic use

d) if your product/service includes user-generated content, you need to consider the rights clearance in your terms and conditions of the product

e) whether to use any technical measures to prevent digital piracy

f) if your product/service includes collecting and processing of personal data from EU residents, you need to comply with GDPR and other EU data protection and privacy legislation

Anne Nyström


LL.M. Anne Nyström is Co-Founder of BeLegally. She practises law at Vedinor Law Offices in Finland, providing advice to clients worldwide. Her focus areas include international and European e-commerce, intellectual property, marketing, and social media. In her free time, she enjoys art and culture in many forms, exercising in nature and writing fictitious adventures about sassy ladies in the charge of their own life. Anne is always happy to connect, so feel free to contact her at anne.nystrom@belegally.com or on social media.

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