Monitor Internet for Infringements

Trademark and copyright infringements occur more and more on the internet and social media platforms. Monitor your works and rights!

Give Guidance to Users and Staff

It's good business practice - and sometimes extremely crucial - to have a social media policy for your company, and a manual employers can use.

Market Legally

Many forget that generally the same principles that apply to traditional marketing, also apply to social media marketing. Do not forget to disclose your commercial collaborations!


Many forget to protect their brand with the same level of care than other areas of business. With our help, you can be sure your intellectual property in form of trademarks is protected.

Trade mark documents that you need

If you have a trademark, you should have guidelines how to use it. Depending on your situation, you might need only internal guideline or both external and internal guidelines.

If you ever give a licence to use your trademark, you should have external trademark use guideline.

Other trade mark documents that you should have

You might want to monetize your trademark rights by licensing or assigning the rights.

If you think someone is infringing your trademark right, the first step is to send them a trademark infringement cease and desist letter.

If you end up in a situation where there is a potentially confusing trademark, you need a trademark coexistence agreement and possibly a trademark consent agreement.

Trademark Use Guidelines (internal)

Trademark Use Guidelines (external)

Trademark Licensing Agreement

Trademark Cease and Desist Letter

Trademark Assignment Agreement

Trademark Consent Agreement

Trademark Coexistence Agreement

EU Trademark

European Union Level Trade Mark Legislation

The first Council Directive 89/104 / EEC on the approximation of the laws of the Member States relating to trade marks was adopted in December 1988. A new version of the Trade Marks Directive has since been adopted on 22 October 2008, Directive 2008/95/ EC...

Functions of a Trademark

The scope of trademark right can be viewed in the light of the various functions of the mark. These are primarily constructs used in law and the functions of a trademark can be seen as a helpful tool in legal analysis. Functions can also be...